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GS FAME Workshop Day 2017
Monday, December 11, 2017

Above: Ms. Maeya Zee explaining the right attitude the participants should have in life. Below: Mr. Prajna Purnama doing the ice breaker before he starts the workshop.

The GS FAME Institute of Business conducted its first Workshop Day last November 18 (Saturday) at the Wisdom Hall of the institute’s Pulomas Campus. The workshops organized for the day are the Self-Improvement Workshop that was facilitated by Ms. Maeya Zee and a Public Speaking workshop that was conducted by Mr. Prajna Purnama.

Ms. Maeya Zee, the author of a book entitled “Candle Hope” and founder of Passionezee Indonesia, taught the participants proper personal problem solving and some important life planning strategy. She gave the participants some tips on how to manage their good and bad habits, how solve their problems in life and on how to achieve their dreams.

Mr. Prajna Purnama, a sociologist and public speaking trainer, shared with the participants some pointers on how to be an inspiring public speaker in a humorous way. He explained the factors that need to be improved for a person to be an effective public speaker. He explained ways on how to start a conversation and he also illustrated how to speak with confidence in front of a large audience.

Students from various high schools and colleges in Jakarta participated in the event and they enjoyed and learned a lot from both workshops. The participants listened attentively and asked questions during the event.

The GS FAME Institute of Business would like to thank Passionezee Indonesia for providing the sponsorship for the event and also to the event’s media partners, namely, Sunday! Magazine, Gading Magazine, Event Jakarta, Event Kampus, Event_Seru and Rajanya Event.
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